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Your Whole Life
You’ve Been Sold a Lie

The lie runs deep and has persisted for generations

It’s the illusion the failing system indoctrinated your peers, your teachers, your parents, and yes, even you, into believing.You were promised safety, security, and stability as long as you:

  • Got good grades by memorizing and parroting what they taught you in school

  • Decided the course of your entire future by the time you were 18 and went to college

  • Got your degree and landed a stable career in line with the certificate granted to you

Put your head down, do what you’re told, and don’t ask questions - just take your place as another cog in the machine, move up the ladder, and you’ll be successful, happy, and fulfilled.But where does that get you and what do you end up with?The blueprint on how to obtain:

  • A head full of useless, impractical, and outdated knowledge that doesn’t serve you in the modern world

  • Crippling anxiety thanks to the mountain of debt you received with a degree you likely don’t even need

  • A soul crushing job you hate that gives you just enough to get by, but never enough to get ahead

You Can Free Yourself Through the Power of the Internet

Things are changing in a big way

Even though the lie persists, the hold it has on society at large has never been weaker.People all around the world are beginning to break free from their brainwashing, and are seeing the truth for the very first time.You can overcome feeling lost, escape the ever increasing sense that you’re trapped, and find hope in what seems to be a hopeless situation.You’ve already seen it done time and time again - from people with different backgrounds, stories, and from every walk of life you can possibly imagine.People who have…

Leveraged the internet to create valuable, meaningful, and impactful content that has brought boundless wealth, freedom, and opportunity to the literal tips of their fingers

Developed deeply fulfilling, highly prosperous, purpose-driven offers that make them more in a single month or quarter than people with traditional careers in the richest nations make annually

Built a personal brand and content/offer ecosystem so aligned with their higher calling and sense of creative self expression that they can't help but feel it's what they were always meant to do with their lives

And you know you can do it too, but you’re running up against a barrier - a problem, challenge, or obstacle that’s holding you back from maximizing your potential and ability to take full advantage of the possibilities before you.And if I had to guess, you’re experiencing this in one of three ways:

  • You don’t know where to start, and are feeling paralyzed - frozen in place in the face of an endless sea of options and ways to navigate it

  • You’ve started but don’t know how to succeed - you’re missing something when it comes to either the content side or offer side of the equation, and you’re tired of spinning your wheels and feeling like you’re getting nowhere

  • You’ve had some or even substantial success with your brand and business - but you don’t have the sense of purpose and fulfillment you know deep-down you should be feeling and you’re ready to make a much needed shift

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think it does.Not only can you break through the barriers you’re experiencing, you can do it faster (and more easily) than you think, using proven systems and frameworks that can (and will) work for anyone, without needing to play the multi-year long guessing game of figuring out how to do it alone.But before I break down everything you need to know about how to do it, I want to tell you a story that will help you understand what makes it so achievable - and why it’s so worthwhile.

The Neo-Renaissance is Here

You're living through a revolutionary age of enlightenment

To understand where you are in the present, and where you’re headed as we move into the future, we need to peer into the past.Between the 15th and 16th centuries, mankind experienced what can only be described as a golden age of enlightenment.In just 4 generations, society evolved in ways that had been considered impossible for thousands of years. The world saw exponential advancement, rapid progress, and explosive innovation in all realms of productive and creative pursuit - from mathematics, engineering, and science to art, philosophy, and spirituality.We look back at this awe-inspiring point in history and define it with a single title - The Renaissance.And now, history has proven that it repeats - we are, once again, experiencing a revolutionary age of enlightenment - what I like to call The Neo-Renaissance.You and I are currently living through another golden point in history, where:

  • You and everyone you know has all of humanities collective knowledge sitting in their pockets, freely accessible and widely available

  • The very foundations of work and education are changing - from an outdated centralized “one-size-fits-all” approach to an updated decentralized individualized approach

  • Opportunity, success, and abundance have never been more obtainable, accessible, and achievable by anyone anywhere

And I wholeheartedly believe the best way to take advantage of the golden opportunity presented by this era and set yourself up for present and future success beyond your wildest dreams, is through creating an impactful personal brand and purpose-driven online business you can happily commit your life to.The fact that you’re here reading this must mean you feel the exact same way.You’re someone who “gets it” - someone who's ready to go “all in” on every meaningful level - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.But just in case, let me paint you a crystal clear picture of who this path (and program) is for...

A New Golden Age Brings Golden Opportunities

This is for you if...

  • You want to have the freedom to explore your interests, curiosities, and passions through impactful, relatable, resonate content that you not only enjoy creating, but that grows your following, authority, and bank account

  • You want high-value “AI-proof” skills that serve to amplify your innate gifts, talents, and aptitudes, making you not just irreplaceable in your fields of expertise, but invaluable

  • You want to build high-value offers that are wildly successful - not just by all quantifiable metrics (profitable, scalable, and results-driven) but by all non-quantifiable metrics (meaningful, transformational, and purpose-driven)

  • You’re willing to put in the time, energy, and effort that is needed to take this journey successfully - but you still want to make it as fast, efficient, and easy as possible

  • You’re not looking for low-caliber shortcuts, but high-caliber guideposts and guidelines that can light your way as you walk your path

  • You want the help, guidance, and accountability of a master - someone whose charted a map to help you navigate the territory, and can teach you what to do, how to do it, where you should go, and why you should go there

  • You want the distilled expertise that can only come from someone whose been charting the territory for years, so you can build the momentum and get the results you’re after in a fraction of the time it took them

  • You want proven, efficient, and highly-effective systems and frameworks that you can “plug-and-play” into your brand and business

  • You want to streamline and optimize your productive output without constraining or confining the freedom of your creative process

If one or more of the above resonates, if you’re thinking to yourself “wow, I feel like this was written just for me” not only are you in the right place, you’re exactly where you need to be in this specific moment - it’s not an accident, coincidence, or happenstance - it’s divine timing, one might even call it fate.And together, we can help you accomplish all of the above (and more) in the next 8 weeks.

Don't Take My Word For It

Listen to what leading experts & your favorite creators have to say...

The Absolute Abundance Academy

A one of a kind program for purpose driven entrepreneurs

I created Absolute Abundance Academy with a singular goal in mind - to go one step further than 99% of the “how to build a personal brand / successful online business” offers currently on the market.Yes, you need to know how to create quality content, gain followers, and build authority.Yes, you need to know how to build high-value offers, make sales, and generate cash flow.Learning how to do this and do it well is important, necessary, and foundational - which is why it’s taught in-depth (and in ways you’ve never seen presented) inside of this program.But if it’s all you focus on:

  • You won’t have a strong “why” or any source of intrinsic motivation

  • Your journey will lose all sense of enjoyment, elation, and magic

  • Your ability to commit and stay consistent will be unsustainable

You will inevitably find yourself burnt out, uninspired, and incapable of getting the results and outcomes you fantasize about, because your reasons for doing any of it will be weak, vapid, and brittle.They won’t be strong enough to stand up to or overcome the trial and error, bottlenecks, and setbacks that occur when bringing any form of meaningful value into the world.The only way to do any of this successfully, to be capable of doing it sustainably for a decade or longer, is to make sure that the brand and business you build truly exists as a source of freedom and expansion rather than another form of confinement and limitation.That’s why this program won’t just show you how to build an online brand and business for the sole purpose of optimizing traditional metrics of success.It will show you how to build an online brand and business that serves as your primary vehicle for self-discovery, self-development, and self-actualization.It will teach you how to create something so energizing, so fulfilling, so aligned with your deeper sense of purpose, that you won’t just be willing to give your life to it - you will be happy to, even compelled to - because you’ll intuitively know you’re doing exactly what you were put on this Earth to do, exactly as you are supposed to be doing it.You’ll learn to live in full alignment with your highest good, greatest benefit, and truest calling.You’ll learn how to not just survive within the neo-renaissance, but thrive - and create a life that can only be described as one of Absolute Abundance.

A Look Into the Future You'll Create

It's closer than you think

What can you expect when you’ve not only fully leveraged, but mastered the power of the internet in all of the ways described above?

  • True unbridled freedom no longer exists as a pipe-dream, but is experienced as a normal part of your day-to-day life

  • You spend your attention, time, and energy however you want, because you live life on your terms and have nobody to answer to but yourself

  • You’ve not only embraced your natural proclivity to learn, explore, and understand - but thanks to your successful personal brand and online business, you get paid (and paid sensationally well) to do it

  • People all over the world look to you for guidance, direction, and clarity - you are loved by those who follow you, respected by peers in your space, and what you create is seen as a shining example of desperately needed signal in a sea of trivial noise

  • The skill-stack you’ve developed exponentially amplifies what you’re able to accomplish using your innate gifts, talents, and abilities, and brings you 100x the prosperity, opportunity, and optionality available to the average person.

  • The level of depth, nuance, and insight you provide within your fields of interest and expertise can never be replaced by any AI, code, or algorithm - in fact, these tools only serve to enhance your already exceptional capabilities

  • You intimately know the ins and outs of how to build, sell, and scale worthwhile, purpose-driven, and transformative offers you genuinely love to create, improve, and share with the world

  • Your offer ecosystem brings you a steady stream of continuous cash flow that you can maintain, expand, or contract at will - you can prioritize having more time or more money while always having more than enough of both

  • You’ve developed systems that have simplified, streamlined, and optimized the effectiveness of both your productive and creative process

  • You’re able to maximize results with relatively minimal effort - you’ve become a master of collapsing time, and are capable of accomplishing within a single quarter what most can only accomplish within a year

  • You have a robust, eclectic, and expansive network of other creators, entrepreneurs, and builders in the most promising, future-forward, cutting edge spaces and fields

  • You wake up and go to bed with immense gratitude in your heart, feeling an omnipresent sense of sincere thankfulness for the life you have the utmost pleasure of living

How do I know this? Why do I believe anyone (including you) can make this their baseline experience of reality?Because I’ve done it myself, and have directly helped hundreds and indirectly helped hundreds of thousands do the same.I’m not special, exceptionally gifted, or hyper-intelligent - I’ve just learned what works for nearly everyone and can be applied by nearly anyone to get these same (and better) results.

The Realization Struck Me Over a Decade Ago

The traditional path isn't the only path forward

I was fortunate enough to figure it out early. But at the time, it was terrifying - because I didn’t know what the alternative was.Despite my fear, I was determined to figure it out.So slowly, I began to dig - the internet wasn’t what it is today, but it was far enough along for others to have taken advantage of it. And of course, success leaves clues.And so I looked at what they were doing, and slowly began to figure it out. I remember thinking to myself:”Creating content, having an email list, making a living online… I want that for myself. I want to do what I see them doing. I want to build what they’ve built.”I had no idea how. I didn’t know where to start or what to do. All I knew is this was the path I needed to walk, and I was going to walk it - even if it felt like I was walking it blind.And after years of trial and error, years of moving up, down, and sideways, years of trusting myself and having faith in my journey, I finally accomplished what I set out to do.I’ve grown an organic, highly engaged six-figure following across multiple platforms, work on what I want, when I want, with who I want, and have a fully functioning offer ecosystem that gives me complete control of my income and financial future.I’m not telling you this to brag, I’m telling you this because I want to show you what’s possible and convince you that you can do the same (and better) for yourself, in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort.

My Name is Justin C ScottAnd I’ve made it my life’s work to guide you towards becoming the highest-version of yourself through self actualization, value creation, and online business.

To help you go from overwhelmed and underpaid to deeply fulfilled and richly rewarded, and to provide you with the education, skills, and systems you need to take full advantage of the next golden age, thrive within the neo-renaissance, and create a life of absolute abundance.

Anyone Can Do It?

Yes, anyone - and I can prove it

I don’t expect you to just take me at my word.So here’s just a few examples of the proof I have to backup my claims...100% organic impressions, followers gained, & single day email opt-ins. None of these metrics are artificial, inflated, or propped up - just the result of knowing how to consistently create easily shareable & deeply resonate content:

Digital product sales (over the course of a week, weekend, or even a single day) without the use of any paid ads, traffic, or sponsorships - and easily replicable with any offer, from low ticket to high ticket:

Finally, a few direct payments from clients - each of which has been highly enjoyable to work with, low-maintenance, and never once made me feel like my head was going to explode:

Don’t just see these examples as evidence of what’s possible.See them as a representation of what you’ll soon be doing for yourself.Will it happen overnight? No.But I fully believe that you have the ability to not only achieve similar results, but results that go far beyond what I’ve showcased here.That if you're dedicated, committed, and stay consistent - the sky's the limit.The question is - do you believe it, too?

What Exactly Will I Get?

A comprehensive look inside of the Academy

Here’s everything you can expect to receive while we work together over the next 60 days:

The Absolute Abundance Compendium

Your 30,000 ft overview of my entire brand and business philosophy, and how to apply it for rapid execution, growth, and success (available instantly upon enrollment):

  • Welcome to AAA

  • Introduction & what to expect

  • In the Image and Likeness

  • Tapping into your innate creative nature

  • Leveraging the Imagination Age

  • The democratization & enhancement of productive capability

  • Thriving in the Neo-Renaissance

  • Keys to success in the new golden age

  • The Tortoise and the Hare

  • Your optimal longterm and shortterm philosophies

  • The Temple and its Architecture

  • The macro & micro of your life's work

  • Entrepreneurship as an Alchemy

  • Transmuting the four internal energies into value

  • The Rise of the Neo-Polymath

  • Becoming a specialized generalist

  • The Four Eternal Markets

  • Health, wealth, relationships, and fulfillment

  • Way of the Prosperous Value Creator

  • Offer + sales frameworks and philosophy

  • The Great Attractor

  • How to think about social media and your content

  • In Pursuit of the Philosophers Stone

  • It’s all a catalyst for self-discovery and self-actualization

  • Collapsing Probability

  • How to pull your ideal future into the present

Alignment and Value Creation Foundations

Your actionable, step by step process for creating clarity, setting and managing your optimal outcomes, and architecting your personal brand:

  • Intro to Abundance OS

  • Abundance OS Overview

  • Alignment OS Overview

  • Value Creation OS Overview

  • Activation & Contemplation

  • Setting Your Rituals

  • Engaging Your Journals

  • Intentions and Reflections

  • Authoring Your Ethos

  • Know Thyself

  • Your Vision

  • Your Identity

  • Your Purpose

  • Your Sprint System

  • Macro Timeframes

  • Micro Timeframes

  • Daily Workflow

  • Your Infinite Ideation System

  • Your Knowledge Capture Tools

  • Your Infinite Library

  • Crystalizing Content Ideas

  • Abundance OS Mobile Setup

  • Architecting Your Brand Presence

  • Crafting Your Aesthetic

  • Signs, Signals, and Symbols

  • Combinative Emulation

  • Leveraging the Law of Reciprocity

  • To Give is to Get

  • Magnetizing an Audience

  • Magnetizing Other Creators

  • Establishing Your Neo-Tribe

  • Geometric Brand Expansion

  • Interlinking Content and Concepts

  • Common Interests Through Novel Lenses

  • The Master-Apprentice Approach

  • Your Action Steps

Accelerated Content Creation Masterclass

Your actionable, step by step process for setting up your infinite content and knowledge capture system that keeps high quality ideas perpetually flowing:

  • Transmuting Consciousness into Content

  • The Mindfield Theory

  • Tuning into the Flow of Ideas

  • Creative Self-Expansion

  • Aristotle's Three Rules of Persuasion

  • Ethos, the Messenger

  • Pathos, the Audience

  • Logos, the Message

  • Your Everlasting Content Frameworks

  • Your Broad Subject Bank

  • Evergreen Content Configurations

  • One Idea, One-Thousand Forms

  • Your Content Management System

  • System Overview

  • Holding Ideas in Rotation

  • Your Deep Dive Content Matrix

  • Adaptation & Research

  • Story Structure & Writing

  • Editing & Publishing

  • The Fractal Based Content Strategy

  • Maximizing Content Lifecycles

  • Optimizing Content Depth

  • Optimizing Content Width

  • Your Action Steps

Accelerated Offer Creation Masterclass

Your actionable, step by step process for building, launching and scaling profitable, purpose driven, transformative offers:

  • The Purpose Driven Economy

  • 8 Billion Businesses

  • Finding Purpose & Profit Intersections

  • One of the Best, One of a Kind

  • Your Business Ecosystem

  • Prospects & Clients

  • Finances & Metrics

  • Products & Services

  • Websites & Platforms

  • Your Offer Development Matrix

  • Prospect Avatar(s)

  • Offer Proposition

  • Offer Architecture

  • Offer Enhancement

  • Offer Copy & Sales

  • The 3 Acquisition Archetypes

  • The Seeker

  • The Attractor

  • The Cultivator

  • The Socratic Selling Method

  • Conversational Prospecting

  • Explorative Propositioning

  • Inspiring a Better Future

  • Service Before the Sale

  • Stratospheric Launch Strategy

  • Priming Awareness

  • Pre-Sale Phase

  • Primary Phase

  • Price Increase Phase

  • Perpetuating Awareness

  • Omnipresent Positioning

  • Timeline to Telegram Pipeline

  • Backend Email Sequencing

  • Building Towards Your Value Pyramid

  • From Ladder to Pyramid

  • Conceptualizing Your Base Offer(s)

  • Conceptualizing Your Centroid Offer(s)

  • Conceptualizing Your Capstone Offer(s)

  • Your Action Steps

The Limitless Creators Blueprint

Your actionable, step by step process for taking advantage of bleeding edge tools, optimizing digital platforms, and making yourself 100% future-proof:

  • Enhancing Your Process With AI

  • How to Think About AI

  • Experimenting With ChatGPT

  • Experimenting With Notion AI

  • The Bleeding Edge Benefit

  • An Overview of My Social Infrastructure

  • Twitter & Tweethunter

  • Instagram & Manychat

  • Linkedin

  • Creation & Distribution Tools

  • An Overview of My Business Infrastructure

  • My Website & Blog

  • My All-in-one Platform of Choice

  • Easy & Effective Landing Pages

  • Payment Processing Options

  • Maintaining Your OS

  • Falling Off & Snapping Back

  • Using Sunday’s as a Reset Button

  • Modifying for Personal Preference

  • Consistency & Compounding

  • Avoid Making My Mistakes

  • Making the Pivotal Shift

  • Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations

  • The Value Creators Optimal State

  • Your Action Steps

In addition to everything above, you’ll also receive:

Bonus #1: The Abundance OS Creator Command Center

The crown jewel of the Academy, and the exact same system I’ve spent years perfecting and use to manage + run my entire brand and business - from macro concept to micro detail - as simply and effectively as possible. (curriculum + cohort)

Bonus #2: Ultimate V.I.P Clarity System

Architect your personal ethos and gain greater clarity than you've ever had with step-by-step frameworks that will help you discover your ideal vision (how you're meant to live), ideal identity (who you're meant to be), and highest purpose (what you're meant to do). (curriculum + cohort)

Bonus #3:
Ultimate Sprint System

Keep track of the micro actions that move the needle and the macro results you want those actions to produce. This system will help you make building more, shipping more, and achieving more across days, weeks, and months as easy as possible. (curriculum + cohort)

I'd Prefer Not to Say "But Wait, There's More!"

But there is more... a lot more

Bonus #4:
The Abundance OS Mobile Command Center

I’ll show you how to use your cellphone to make your Abundance OS Command Center easily accessible and useable on the go, maximize your productive and creative capability, and optimize for deliberate education instead of needless distraction. (curriculum + cohort)

Bonus #5:
The Complete Six Key System

All six of my intensive guides designed to help you master all meaningful areas of life (Mind, Heart, Health, Soul, Time, Wealth) with over 60K+ words of actionable wisdom + 54 easy-to-implement techniques and exercises. (curriculum + cohort)

Bonus #6:
The Absolute Abundance Community

A private discord server for all members of the program to have real-time daily access to me, network with other students, and build authentic, mutually beneficial relationships that can last a lifetime. (cohort only)

Bonus #7:
The Abundance Seminar Series

Bi-weekly group consulting calls where you and I will work together to answer your questions, remove your bottlenecks, and overcome setbacks before they occur - all calls are recorded and replayable for life. (cohort only)

Bonus #8:
My Personal Infinite Library

Get lifetime access to my own personal knowledge curation hub, where I add the best highlights and insights from what I’m reading, watching, and listening to from books, articles, youtube videos, podcasts, and twitter threads. Auto-updates every week. (cohort only)

Bonus #9:
Personalized Brand Audit

I'll work with you personally within our private community to overview your profile, bio, and content strategy to help you optimize your messaging, impact, and growth on social media. (cohort only)

Bonus #10:
Personalized Offer Audit

I'll work with you personally within our private community to help you improve your offer (or offers), position for magnetic interest that increases conversions, and refine your service-centric sales strategy. (cohort only)

Eventually You Have to Choose

Who will you become?

At some point, you have to make a choice for the type of person you want to be:Someone who takes action, invests in education, and bets on themselves.Or someone who hesitates, avoids transformation, and lets fear run their life.Who you choose to be, and the life you experience as a result, is ultimately up to you.I’m not here to promise you millions of followers, tens of millions of dollars, or the solutions to all of your problems.I’m simply here to promise you, at the very least, a few (potentially life-changing) steps towards a better future.A future where you’re the type of person who takes decisive action in the direction of your dreams.A future where you’re the type of person who embraces change, growth, and personal evolution.A future where you’re the type of person who goes all in on their potential.And a present where you don’t have to go through the pain of figuring out how to avoid all the obstacles, challenges, & setbacks that exist along the path.The question is, will you keep pushing your future into a tomorrow that never arrives…Or will you finally make use of your power to pull it into the here and now?

Subverting the Guarantee

5 reasons worth considering

Normally, this is the point where you’d expect to see some kind of guarantee to help diminish your sense of risk.Something like…

  • “30-day money-back warranty!”

  • “Try it before you purchase!”

  • “We’ll work with you until you achieve X!”

But you won’t find that here.Let me explain why:

  1. I’m not looking for impulsive buyers - I’m not looking to squeeze every dollar I possibly can out of everyone that considers this offer. I’m interested in working with the people who know in the depths of their soul that this is the path they want to walk, and that are committed to walking it.

  2. I want to work with the people this offer is meant for - At this point, you likely know whether this program is for you or not. The only people I want to enroll into the Academy are the people it’s meant to serve.

  3. I want you to have the benefit of pressure - Pressure is a good thing. Pressure creates diamonds. When you have a bit of a fire under you, you’ll be more dedicated to taking action. You’ll be more committed to achieving your life changing results. The best way forward is through.

  4. Scarcity is the antithesis of Abundance - What is a guarantee? It’s an appeal to scarcity. That isn’t to say guarantees are bad - they have their place - but this is a program predicated on Abundance, and that needs to shine through at every level.

  5. I will never turn my back on you - If you go through the program, commit to its guidance, implement its lessons, and still feel unsatisfied - I’ll work with you personally to find a solution because I believe in leading with integrity and doing right by those who choose to work with me.

Ultimately, I have absolute confidence in the Academy because I’m not sharing anything with you that I don’t actively use and rely on everyday.I know these philosophies, strategies, and tactics work because they’re the same philosophies, strategies, and tactics I’ve used to create a multi-six figure following (brand) and a multi-six figure income (business).

Student After Student, Win After Win

See what dozens who have enrolled have to say (and the results they've generated along the way)...

Go From Overwhelmed & Underpaid to Deeply Fulfilled & Richly Rewarded

Enroll today and start getting paid to do what you love, serve others, and add value to the world

In addition to a highly-applicable education, effective plug-and-play systems that have been proven to work, and step-by-step guidance from a seasoned expert - what are you really receiving here?A top 1% understanding of personal branding, idea curation, content curation, audience growth, and offer development condensed into a 60 day period - and how to implement all of it into your own brand and business.Access to the true marker of financial prosperity and independence - not only some arbitrary net worth or number in your bank account, but the skills that allow you to make money at will and whenever you need it - regardless of your numerical goals.Complete freedom from the traditional system, your life in your own hands, and a life’s work that not only provides you and those you love with prosperity and limitless opportunity - but an everlasting sense of fulfillment, purpose, and gratitude.Here are your options:



Everything you need to kickstart or elevate your online brand & business.

  • The Absolute Abundance Compendium

  • The Complete Absolute Abundance Curriculum

  • Lifetime Curriculum Access and Updates

  • BONUS: Abundance OS Creator Command Center

  • BONUS: Ultimate V.I.P Clarity System

  • BONUS: Ultimate Sprint System

  • BONUS: Abundance OS Mobile Command Center

  • BONUS: The Complete Six Key System



Full access to the Absolute Abundance Academy & everything it has to offer.

  • Everything included in the Curriculum Tier

  • Additional Daily & Weekly Support from JCS

  • BONUS: The Absolute Abundance Community

  • BONUS: The Abundance Seminar Series

  • BONUS: Seminar Series Recordings

  • BONUS: Seminar Series Recordings From Past Cohorts

  • BONUS: Lifetime access & updates to JCS Personal Infinite Library

  • BONUS: Personalized Brand Audit

  • BONUS: Personal Offer Audit



Extended one on one consulting with JCS. Spots are limited and available by application only.

  • Everything included in the Curriculum & Academy Tier

  • Extended Timeline (90 days private consulting)

  • Private Telegram text & voice messaging with JCS

  • 4 private deep dive consulting calls (no time limit)

  • Deep dive consulting call recordings

  • In depth and ongoing brand & business audits, strategy, and guidance

  • Access to my audience and network

Still Have Questions?

Don't worry - I have answers

I’m brand new to all this, is this program too advanced for me? +

Absolutely not - I designed this program with the beginner in mind. One of the best things about the tools available to us is that they've lowered the barriers of entry to being virtually non-existent. My hope is that this program will serve as a pivotal resource, or even the foundation, for new and seasoned creators alike.

I've been doing this for a while and want to take things to the next level, is the program too introductory for me? +

Absolutely not - I designed this program with the expert in mind. If you already know your way around the value creation and online entrepreneurship space, the Academy will only elevate your ability to move through and navigate it. I guarantee you will find philosophies, frameworks, and strategies inside of the Academy that you've never heard of, won't find anywhere else online, and that will significantly improve the effectiveness and success of your brand and business.

Can I upgrade into the Cohort after purchasing the Curriculum? +

Yes. You will always have the option to upgrade and there will be call to actions inside the curriculum that will make it easy to do so. You can also apply for coaching at any point, regardless of whether or not you choose to enroll into the curriculum or cohort.

Are there any additional apps, tools, or softwares I'll need to pay for to make the most of this program? +

There are a few apps, tools, and softwares mentioned throughout this program that are paid resources - but they are certainly not necessary to get the most out of the Academy, and I will always suggest free alternatives where applicable. But the core apps, tools, and softwares that serve as the foundation for the Academy's systems are free.

I want to build a brand to help with my pre-existing career or job - is this program still for me? +

Yes! Even if you're an intrapreneur (someone within a pre-existing structure or work environment who has a more creative and flexible role) you can benefit massively from this program. Really, the Academy is for anyone who could benefit from building a personal brand - which is virtually anyone.

How will the information and skills taught in this program practically impact my life? +

◦ They will make you future proof - you will become irreplaceable, avoid being devalued, and won't be made obsolete by tech.◦ They will open you up to the vast array of online avenues: freelancing, consulting, building your own education based products & services, funnels & email sequencing, copywriting, etc.◦ They will help you crack the code that most creators go their entire careers without ever learning how to crack - knowing how to build a successful online brand and business, with your content and offers existing in full alignment with your higher calling, greater purpose, and sense of fulfillment.◦ You'll be able to take everything I teach you - all of the education, systems, tools, and tactics - modify them to your preference and unique way of doing things, and use that as a foundation to build your own offers and monetize your own audience.◦ They will save you time, energy, and attention within your brand and business while elevating your results - allowing you to have more freedom in your day-to-day while simultaneously increasing your measurable metrics of success

Have another question? +

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Stop Leaving Your Life to Chance

Take your future into your own hands

No matter who you are, you want to live an exceptional life.You have dreams about what’s possible - who you could be, how you could live, and what you could experience.Yet, most never figure it out. They live below their potential, and their dreams stay dreams as a result.Don’t let yourself settle for a life of lack.Make the choice your future self will thank you for - embrace who you’re meant to be and what you’re meant to do, commit to building your purpose driven brand and business, and create a life of Absolute Abundance.

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